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Thanks to Nate from Corvette Garage for his effort.
Thanks to West Coast Specialties in San Diego for the great paint match. July 2005 Update, had some issues with Paint flaking off on underside of nose. If you decide to do this upgrade, make sure the completely sand the bumper with 400 or 600 (some shops just use scotch bright pads).
It's been 1 year since oringally completed, and I decided to remove the bumper myself to have it repainted due to some paint flaking issues. The paint shop was very cool about it and repainted it without charging.

PIAA 1100X Platinum Dichroic Driving Lights Complete
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The power of dichroic driving lamps in the world’s smallest design yet. PIAA 1100X Platinum Dichroic Driving Lights blast a wider beam than standard driving lights for extra visibility at night, plus longer bulb life. Covered by a Lifetime WarrantyThese are the exact lights we used when we upgraded to the Tiger Shark Nose. We put these in the fog light holes and they are so bright I don't even need to turn on the headlights (yes, brighter than the actual headlights and highbeams).
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