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Tiger Shark Z06. Do it yourself Corvette modifications

SS Stripes - Clear Euro Lights - V1 - A&A frame savers - Performance Hood Seal Gas Bib - TB HP Plate - Chrome Z06 Sill Protectors - Interior & Exterior decal set Stonegard, full kit - Cargo net - Alum. Gas & Dead pedals - Smoked signal covers CAGS Disabler - Polished Wheels - FRC Partition - Badge of Honor - Trunk Liner RKsport Molded Yellow interior - Z06 Exhaust Plate - MGW Billit Shift Knob Top Flight X-Pipe - Lloyd's Mats - Hurst Shifter - LS Edit - Borla 4 Tip Stingers Halltech T1 - 30 # RC Injectors - 7" Lowering Bolts - LapTrax - 178 TStat - Tiger Shark Front End - PIAA Fog Lights - Hand Polished Original Alloy Wheels

Stock Dynojet #'s 351 rwhp / 352 rwhp After Halltech intake: 363 rwhp / 356 rwtq
After MAFT Install and Adjustments: 376 rwhp / 365 rwtq

Removed MAFT, Tuned with LS Edit, added Stingers & Injectors 393 rwhp / 385 rwtq

Click on the links below to display the images (some with tips).
D.I.Y. Tech Tips - Click Here
Hurst Shifter Install Pics25 Interior Mods
HallTech T1 & TB Plate T1 & Hood Seal
Exhaust Plate Chrome Door Sills
V1 - Radar Detector Exterior Black Letters
Z06 Badge of Honor Truck Liner
Z06 Billet Shift Knob Trunk Liner 1
Fixing RK Sport Interior Frame Savers Prep
CAGS Frame Savers Rear
CAGS Defeat Installed Frame Savers Front
Lowering Front Lowering Front
Polished Wheels Lowering Rear
Polished Front Wheel & Lowered
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