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Be sure to read all instructions that came with the shifter first.

You'll need the following tools:
Screwdrivers: Regular and Phillips, T-10 Torx wrench, 10mm & 3/8" socket or wrench,
Torque wrench, 3/16" hex wrench or hex socket, 1/4" hex, 9/16" open end wrench, and cold beer

I didn't photograph the removal of the interior dash and console parts since it's pretty basic.
Remove all screws and 10mm nuts from around dash and inside center console.
Lift open center console. Remove all items. Pry up two (2) small caps in rear of console to expose 10mm nuts. Using socket, remove nuts. I take off the console lid to make it easier. Remove the 4 screws and it comes right off. Use a screwdriver and pry up the small piece where the Traction control button is. Disconnect all wiring jacks carefully. Remove two (2) 10mm nuts under this piece. You should now be able to remove rear piece or center compartment. Pull back and up (move seats up, it's easier to remove piece). Now use a screwdriver to pry off the small cover to the left of the ignition. There is one (1) Phillips head screw under there, one (1) under the ash tray and one (1) next to lighter to the left of the ash tray.
Now your interior should look something like the photo below.


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