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Download these free ring tones now and your Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cellular One, Alltel, Sprint Sano, Verizon or any Cell Phone that can play an mp3 or wav file as a ringtone can sound like a Corvette, BMW M3, or Cadillac CTS-V launching off the drag strip.

Racing fans will enjoy these 100% free of charge ringtones. Every time your phone rings using these free ring tones you'll want to buckle in to a 5 point racing harness.

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Exhaust Sound MP3 Version WAV Version
C5 Corvette with MagnaFlow Exhaust MP3 WAV
Cadillac CTS-V MagnaFlow Exhaust MP3 WAV
BMW M3 Launch with MagnaFlow MP3 WAV
BMW M3 Drive By with MagnaFlow MP3 WAV
Mustang V8 with MagnaFlow Mp3 WAV
C5 Corvette with Borla Stinger XR MP3 WAV

If you don't want Free Ringtones and just want to hear a bunch of
C5 Corvette Exhaust Systems Compared click here.

If you want to learn how to install the 100% Free of Charge Ringtones to make your phone sound like a Corvette, BMW M3 or Cadallic CTS-V read below.


  1. Select the correct ringtone for your phone type either mp3 or wav
  2. Type the URL shown in the table that correspondes to the ringtone you want to download for free into cell phone's web browser; or
  3. Text message the URL to your cell phone and it should automatically take you to that URL via your cell phone.


  1. Select the correct ringtone for your phone type either mp3 or wav
  2. Place your mouse over the correct link for your cell phone
  3. When your mouse is over the link, RIGHT CLICK, then select Save Target As, and download the free ringtone to your hard drive.

Want to hear a bunch of C5 Corvette Exhaust Systems Compared?


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